Sunday, February 24, 2013

3D Shapes and Attributes

Hello Friends,
I have been extremely busy with trying to keep up with all the extra activities that I signed up for at school.  Note to self, next year just say NO.  My latest center activity pack is 3D Shapes & Attributes Fun.  Working with my students on 3 dimensional shapes last week pushed me into making this terrific center.  You can make it a sorting center of attributes or a fun card game.  It includes a recording sheet. The answer sheet can be used to make these activities self-correcting thus eliminating a "discussion" about who is right.  I am going to use the cards for reinforcing the attributes we learned last week tomorrow.  After that, they will be all set to play the card game or sort the attributes.  Check this new activity pack, by clicking below.  I always appreciate feedback about how this works in your own classrooms.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Greater Than, Less Than

I know my children need more practice with greater than, less than and equals.  Here are 2 new centers to help out.  And they can be used to teach these Common Core Standards as well.

                                                         Click here to see this set.
Another fun way to practice greater than less than is to have each child bring in a small water bottle.  Remove the label and push 2 die into the bottle.  Add a pinch of glitter and fill with water.  Super glue the top back on.  This glittery bottle can be used in a variety of ways.  This time we are using the number on the die to create a 2 digit number.  With or without a partner they write down the 2 digit numbers and then write the correct sign, >, <, =.  A fun way to practice this standard.
Another fun and easy tip.