Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Telling Time 5 Minute Intervals Matching Fun

Hello again my friends.  Just a few updates about my life.  I did have that ankle surgery and am doing well.   For the first week home after surgery I was in bed and happily resting with those little pain pills.  Then I got the call that my mother had a heart attack and passed.  This was so hard, especially since she lived in Wisconsin and I in Florida.  My doctor did not approve me for flying so thank goodness my brother lives up there and was able to help my dad plan for the funeral.  That was definitely a double whammy.  For the last several weeks I have been up and moving around in a wheelchair.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who has taken such great care of me, great neighbors and awesome friends.  I really feel loved and their generosity has been amazing.  It seems that even in your dark times, God's blessings are shown. Hopefully the doctor will give me a green light on starting to put some weight on my foot when I see him next Friday.

Telling Time Fun
Let me tell you about a great new product which will get your students telling time "Spot On". 

    Telling Time 5 Minute Intervals Matching Fun

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These Fun and Easy matching activities include 5 sets of 24 cards each. The cards help students practice telling time with 5-minute intervals on analog and digital clocks. Each set progressively builds higher order thinking skills. Choose the 2 sets that will best help your students. This package will provide hours of learning fun!

Below are the different types of cards to match:

These are so cute, you know you want to have them.  They make for a perfect math center!

Have a great week!