Sunday, August 18, 2013

TPT Back To School Sale Today and Tomorrow!


If you haven't heard, Teachers Pay Teachers is having a back to school sale from August 18-19.  You can save 28% off of my products as well as many other shops.
Don't forget to enter the Promo Code: BTS13 to save the dollars.  Everyone wants to save the dollars, right?  Have an awesome week.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back To School Sale!

Happy Sunday Everyone!  At this time of the year everyone needs a little break so starting today August 11th through August 14 all of my items will be 20% off.  Check out my TPT store or Teacher's Notebook for great deals.  I have several products for only $1.00 in the Mega Bundles at Teacher's Notebook.

I can't believe the Summer Vacation is coming to an end this Tuesday.  I spent 3 days last week setting up my classroom in accordance with our new Literacy requirements.  I must say that I really like my new Library set up.  All of the books are now in one area.  Before I had leveled books in one spot and genre baskets in another location.  Now they are all together!  I will post pictures later on.

Meanwhile I am having each student have his/her own book bag.  My requirements were durable yet cheap.  Large ziplock bags were going to be the answer but my husband found this amazing site- . They have so many choices and you can even get a logo put on.

I purchased 100 little green (to go with my Froggy theme) bags with handles for only $36.25. That is 5 years worth of bags and the price of each one dropped to 36 cents. My hubby is so good at finding these types of things.  They should be arriving next week. Just in time to start the year.  Yay!  Check them out!
Bye for now!