Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The tree is down...

Well we finally did the deed this weekend.  All the Christmas trappings and tree were taken down.  I love putting everything up, but taking it all down and packing it up--not so much.

Notice my two little helpers in the midst of the chaos. Now onto bigger and better things.

I decided one day after my math lesson, to put students with a mix of abilities into the center activities that I had made(all Common Core based).  They had a ball.  They were all deeply engaged in the activities and it warmed my heart to see stronger students teaching and explaining math concepts to my weaker students.  May I say "success"!  And the best part was that when it was time for Fine Arts, they didn't want to stop.  I had to promise them that we would definitely do this again tomorrow.  Oh twist my arm!

Tens and Ones Find My Mittens Fun is so much fun when you have a friend to "play" with.

Here is Subtracting 10 Surfing Fun and all the boys are working together!

Here I took my Adding 10 Cupcake Fun  game and split it into 2 centers.  Since working on the white
board is so much fun for them, I added magnets on the back. Voila!

Watching this group work so hard at Tens and Ones Froggy Fun Matching Center, gave me such pleasure.
Well I now have a new center to add to my collection of Math Sets.  Just in time for Valentine's Day its

Two-Digits Plus Ones Choo Choo Fun is a sweetheart of a puzzle game.  Students practice adding the ones which sometimes require composing a 10.  At first it is a bit challenging, but I have also given you ways to differentiate.  Check it out!

Till next time, keep trying new things, you never know what you will discover.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Adding and Subtracting 10s Using Number 1-120

Well, I thought everything was going well in math.  On Friday nearly everyone could take a number from 1-119 and add one looking at the 120-chart.  So today I thought this will be a breeze having them add 10 to any number less than 110.  Yikes, put on the brakes!!!  This was not so easy a task.  I think because when you look at a 120-chart, adding 10 goes vertically down the chart.  When they write the answer, they are writing it horizontally on the paper.  So good thing I came up with these 2 new centers.  I just laminated them and will cut them out tonight for my kiddies to practice tomorrow.

Click here if you want to check out adding 10 to any number less than 110.

                                Click here if you want to check out subtracting 10 from any number less than 120.
If you have any other tricks, let me know but I think the Cupcake game might just do the trick.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to School Tomorrow

Hello Friends,
Well the vacation is over.  Tomorrow is back to work and I'm bringing along several new centers for teaching place value.  My newest center is Counting Penguins Fun (73-120).
The Common Core Standards now have the 1st graders counting up to 120 which can be a bit challenging.  This new packet actually includes 5 different activities with 6 different sets of numbers.  Your whole class can be engaged at the same time with this packet and the differentiated activities.  This is almost a one center fits all.  Click Counting Penguins Fun (73-120) to check it out.  I've even included a Common Core assessment to check for mastery of this standard.  If tomorrow is your first day back, may it be a wonderful day for you.