Saturday, January 11, 2014

Snow Day in Florida = Flood Day

When we hear about the horrific freezing temperatures and the huge amounts of snow up north, our hearts goes out to you.  We were in for a BIG surprise Thursday night when we received 22 inches of rain!  Needless to say, roads and schools were closed on Friday.  An unexpected 3-Day weekend is always welcome, even if it is a soggy one.  Here is what we woke up to Friday morning.


Here is a little fun fact from the weatherman.   1 inch of rain =  10 inches of snow.  So if the temperature was quite colder, we would have had 18 feet of snow!  I think I will take the rain. 
So wherever you are- stay warm and dry this winter!

More teacher tips in my next post.

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  1. Lots of rain in the northwest, too. Luckily not that much though. Stay safe!