Monday, June 24, 2013

R-Controlled Vowels Super Duper Fun

Hello there friends-
I have been busy creating 5 new Fun And Easy Matching Games for the ar, er, ir, or, ur sounds.  Each set has a different theme and several activities to reinforce the sounds.  These sets are Common Core aligned and easy to use.  My first set is Matching Fun With "ar" Words.
There are 56 full color cards for the students to match the picture to the correct word.  There is a recording sheet included along with follow-up work.  The answer keys are also included to make this activity self-checking or as a quick way for you to check mastery of the standard.

If you have any suggestions on how to help students master the "ar" sound, please leave me a comment.  I'd love to hear from you. Keep following for information on my next Fun & Easy package.


  1. Hi! Just found your blog today and am a new follower with bloglovin! I know that one of the first grade teachers in my building does an "AR", pirate inspired exploration, for ar words. She says the kids love it. I want to say they put patches on their eyes for the exploration... :0) So glad to find you, as I am a second grade teacher blogger and will be back to read future posts!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  2. Welcome to my blog and I appreciate that you are following me. I love the pirate exploration idea and will be using it next year with my unit. Thank you for sharing that! I will be following you too. I love finding new fun blogs! Hoping your day is Fun And Easy Sarah.