Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tens & Ones Noodle Fun

I just had a blast!  Where did I go you ask?  The Dollar Tree- a store with wonderful treasures all for under $1.00.  Here is my latest find-

**  Pool Noodles-  You may have seen this somewhere on Pinterest but I was new for me.  As I was helping my friend Deb, soon to be my newest BFFF (BFF in First), pack her new closet & and new room, I discovered these pool noodles.  "What do you do with these?" I asked.  She explained that you use one full noodle as a ten.  You then cut up one noodle into 10 equal parts to be the ones.  You can even bundle ten noodles together to make 100. 

Wow!  A legitimate reason to go to Dollar Tree (which in my opinion is the best Dollar Store ever)!  I find the noodles in all different colors, but lime green goes best with my Froggy Theme.  So I bought 11 of them. On the way home, I'm thinking that these will be great for math centers and for Everyday Counts and..., then my husband says "Where are you going to store all these noodles?"

Hmm, since my room is already almost filled to the max with wonderful teaching tools, he did have a valid point.

So we tried cutting (with a large kitchen knife) the noodle in 1/2 for a ten and then cut the 1/2 into 10 equal pieces (6 cm) for the ones.  Voila-- Same concept in a more compact size.  Here is a ten and a "bundle" of ones. The 10 ones fit nicely in a large Ziplock bag.

Now I have enough to count to the 100 day count and 180 days of school. So there you have it- and best of all, it is Banditt  and Snoopy approved!


  1. I also use them on 10-frames. I made large 10-frame boards for small group work. If you use 2 different colors pool noodles you can do addition problems.

  2. That is a great idea for addition. I guess I need to get back to the Dollar Store. Thank you!