Sunday, October 6, 2013

Subtracting to Compare Fun

Hello Fellow Teachers,
We just completed our section in math about comparing numbers and using subtraction to find "How many more?" or "How many less?"  Some of my Firsties were quick at this while others were a bit stymied about using subtraction to answer a question about "How many more?".  So I created two fun matching activities to give them more practice with these types of problems.  

My latest product is Subtracting to Compare Fun with a Halloween theme.  I designed two different sets to help both the beginning level learner and the more advanced learner making differentiation easy for you.

Set 1 contains word problems with comparisons for groups of 10 or less.  The model is also presented.  The student must read the problem and find the correct subtraction problem.  Next they record the subtraction sentence and difference on the recording sheet.  

Set 2 contains word problems with comparisons for groups of 11-20.  The model is not shown.  The student can use counters to find the difference.  There is also a recording sheet for them to write the subtraction sentence along with the difference.

Click below and see more about this math center.  Your kiddies will love it!
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